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Mobile Communications



Mobile Communications is dedicated to offering the best communications solutions by listening to customer’s needs and exemplifying the best service available while offering a professional organization for employees to work.

Family owned and operated since 1988

Mobile Communications has been established as a major market communications service and solution provider since 1988.  As a medium sized, minority owned business with Mrs. Cathy Petty Nichols as President.  Mobile Communications has retained a philosophy and approach dedicated to a personal level of customer service thought to be gone by the wayside in today's large corporation dominated environment, all the while pacing the development and implementation of dynamically emergent technologies.  Specializing in electronically oriented communications solutions, Mobile Communications has dozens of strategic partnerships with product and solution manufacturers and is proud to be recognized as an authorized MOTOROLA ® TOTAL SOLUTION PROVIDER.

A Leader in Excellence

Since the beginning, Mobile Communications has established itself as a leader in excellence not only in service but also in sales for two-way, paging, cellular, call boxes, GPS systems, in vehicle camera systems, CCTV, generators, accessories, keyless entry, computer maintenance, and mobile data systems. Motorola named Mobile Communications the “Motorola National Total Customer Satisfaction” Winners two years in a row! The competitors were the other Motorola Service Shops in the United States. And, Wayne Powell was named Gwinnett County’s Small Business Person of the Year!

Giving Back to the Community

The community also knows Mobile Communications for its contributions back to the community. Some such contributions include sponsorships of little league sports teams (we’re the “team owner” for the Gwinnett County championship winning Royals), cheerleaders, News for Kids providing newspapers for schools, Girl and Boy Scouts’ events, a local shelter, a handicap organization, Easter Seals, Boys & Girls Club of America, The Special Olympics, The Sheriff’s Organization in Georgia and South Carolina, high school athletics, cancer research, a missionary program, and many local schools. Customers searching for solutions need to locate the finest vendors of durable and reliable hardware and software, services, and support. They need to use these quality vendors as they use their other professional service suppliers, as trusted allies. 

Dedicated to Customer Satisfaction

Mobile Communications is such a vendor. Completely dedicated to customer satisfaction, Mobile Communications serves its clients as trusted allies, providing them with the loyalty of a business partner and the economics of an outside vendor. We ensure that our customers have the communications solutions necessary to run their businesses more efficiently. Many of our customer’s lives depend on the equipment that we maintain for them. So, Mobile Communications gives our customers the assurance that we will be there every time they need us.

Mobile Communications’ began by servicing the public safety sector. Public safety has unique needs and has become one of our primary markets. However, Mobile Communications serves a broad array of additional markets and industries such, construction, manufacturing, transportation, public utilities, golf courses, parks, amusement centers, schools, universities, hospitals, hospitality centers, security, property management, railroads, other communication companies and broadcast.

Five (5) Sales and Service Centers

As a network of five (5) sales and service centers throughout North Georgia and South Carolina, Mobile Communications offers small to large system sales, customized service and repair, and engineering support.  Through established partnerships with many multi-national communications and electronic corporations, Mobile Communications is able to support its customers directly from the manufacturer technical level.  In reciprocal value to our corporate partnerships, Mobile Communications is able to provide literally dozens of sales representatives to meet with and enjoy personal relationships with our customers

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"Our new radios...have worked out great! We cover three buildings with no problems at all."

-Mark Reese, Georgia Institute of Technology