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We Have Partnered With Verizon Networkfleet to Provide GPS Vehicle and Asset Tracking Services For Our Customers

From GPS tracking and vehicle diagnostics to asset trackers and DOT compliance management, you’ll be amazed at everything Verizon Networkfleet can do. Our industry-leading fleet monitoring devices provide a variety of alerts, reports, and features, empowering you with the information you need to cut costs and improve fleet performance. Networkfleet also has a nationwide network of dedicated service professionals who can help you get the most out of the Networkfleet fleet management solution.

Networkfleet Features

Verizon Networkfleet’s innovative product features –  including alerts, reports, support  and training, and more – work together to provide you with a comprehensive view of your fleet’s performance. See the Feature descriptions below for more details.

Networkfleet Mobile Apps

Networkfleet now has two mobile apps, Driver and Manager, to help make your drivers and trucks more accountable, safe and efficient—and your job easier.

Vehicle and Driver Management and Diagnostic Reporting

Any good GPS management system can collect a lot of data. It’s the presentation of the data that makes the difference. Networkfleet’s customizable reporting features make it easy to organize information in a way that meets your unique fleet management needs. Use summary reports to analyze long-term trends and identify opportunities for improvement in overall fleet performance. Schedule reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to learn more about:

Asset Tracking

Networkfleet’s Asset Guard allows you to protect and manage every asset in your fleet, including trailers, generators, heavy duty equipment, sheds, and more. Asset Guard is an ideal solution for managing assets that will be deployed for long periods outdoors or in other harsh environments. By using this easy to install system, fleet managers can control operating costs, reduce losses from theft and damage, and provide excellent field reliability.


Networkfleet delivers customer service that goes the extra mile. Our nationwide network of dedicated service professionals provides the tools, resources, and support you need to get the most out of your GPS fleet tracking system.

Roadside Assistance

Save time and money with Networkfleet’s Emergency Roadside Assistance Plan – available at no additional cost. When one of your vehicles suffers a roadside breakdown, we’ll help you get back on the road and back in business with the following services:


The web-based fleet software dashboard provides a summary view of vehicle location, engine diagnostics, and more. One click of a button gives you instant access to detailed vehicle information that helps to reduce operational costs, enhance customer service, and improve the performance and safety of every vehicle in your fleet. The Vehicle Dashboard provides detailed information in three important areas:

Fleet Maps

Managing the location of your vehicles is easy with Networkfleet’s online fleet maps. Our intuitive, easy-to-read maps provide information and insights that help you make daily routing decisions that reduce fuel usage, speed up response times, and improve customer service.

Maintenance Alerts

Networkfleet helps to lower costs and streamline the maintenance process with our engine monitoring system. Our preventive maintenance program – Lifecycle Service Management. – can help you keep your fleet vehicles well maintained and in top running condition.

Safety & Security Management

With Networkfleet’s fleet tracking systems, you can protect your drivers and your vehicles with a variety of fleet safety management tools including:

DOT Compliance Integration

Streamline your Department of Transportation compliance and fleet management processes through Networkfleet’s partnership with J. J. Keller. This partnership is one of the first telematics solutions to integrate fleet performance and compliance management in one comprehensive package. Efficiently manage critical compliance requirements, such as hours of service, driver and vehicle inspection reports, fuel taxes, and more.

Fuel Card Integration

The Networkfleet Fuel Card allows you to easily manage your company’s fuel- and vehicle-related purchases, saving you time and money.

  • Monitor where and when every purchase is made and by which driver using assigned driver identification numbers.
  • Set purchase controls and limit unauthorized spending using our online tools.
  • Manage your fuel spending with the card, accepted at more than 90% of U.S. retail fueling locations.

We Have Solutions For Your Industry

No matter the industry, most fleet managers have the same goals: To increase productivity and profitability. Verizon Networkfleet gives your organization the tools and information that will help lower operating costs, decrease fuel usage, gain extra time, and keep customers coming back.

  • Enhanced customer service
  • Improved driver safety
  • Reduced greenhouse emissions
  • Improved fleet efficiency
  • Excellent support, service and training
  • Remote fleet management
  • Vehicle theft deterrent

Vehicle Tracking Systems for Construction Fleets

Imagine being out in the field and monitoring every truck, asset, and driver in your fleet. With Verizon Networkfleet you can be everywhere at once. Networkfleet helps keep you one step ahead of the competition with GPS fleet management tools that help you cut costs, improve customer service, and improve fleet productivity.

Protect Assets

Keep track of assets like trailers, generators, and high-value equipment with Asset Guard. By using this easy to install system, fleet managers get help controlling operating costs, reducing casualty losses, and providing excellent field reliability.

Streamline Maintenance and Control Costs

Engine diagnostic code and scheduled maintenance alerts save time and money by identifying small problems before they turn into big ones. Track mileage, emission levels, and other engine data and make it easy to schedule and perform proactive maintenance.

Reduce Fuel Consumption

Decrease fuel consumption and costs – Monitor speed, idle time and other vehicle metrics with Networkfleet. Use our integrated fuel cards to help prevent unauthorized fuel purchases.

Truck GPS Tracking for Delivery Vehicles

In the delivery industry, they only love you when you get it there on time. And that requires a fast, efficient fleet of service vehicles to ensure timely and economical delivery. Verizon Networkfleet gives you the GPS fleet tracking tools and capabilities you need to improve fleet performance and keep your customers satisfied.

Provide Responsive Delivery Routing

Use GPS tracking to quickly locate the nearest vehicle to an address for faster routing. Networkfleet’s Garmin integration can provide addresses and driving directions directly to drivers while Geofences and on-demand fleet delivery records let you confirm delivery arrival.

Stay Reliable and Competitive

Enable reliable deliveries and competitive pricing by keeping your fleet efficient and cost-effective. Monitor location, speed, idle time and other vehicle metrics to improve fleet productivity. Use fuel cards to help prevent fuel fraud and provide more control over fuel expenses.

Reduce Downtime

Reduce vehicle downtime with engine diagnostic trouble code and maintenance alerts. Streamline preventative maintenance scheduling using detailed vehicle utilization reports. Our Emergency Roadside Assistance Plan is included at no additional cost to help you get your sidelined vehicles back on the road and back to deliveries.

Fleet Tracker for Field Service Vehicles

Better field performance results in lower costs and higher customer satisfaction, leading to more positive word-of-mouth advertising and increased business. With Networkfleet, Field Service managers can get the accurate, timely data they need to make smart fleet management decisions.

Respond Quickly to Events in the Field

Networkfleet’s GPS-based tracking, 3D mapping technologies, and built-in Garmin integration let you locate and communicate directly with drivers to respond to events as they happen in the field. Esri® ArcGIS® GeoEvent Processor and Assetworks create seamless overlaying of multiple mapping and fleet data management sets.

Improve Field Workforce Management

Getting visibility into the activities and schedules of field workers empowers managers to simplify the way field service technicians do their jobs. By effectively responding to data from the Networkfleet reports, managers can drastically improve field operations and control costs.

Plan Preventative Maintenance

Make sure vehicles are getting the routine maintenance they need with automatic reminders and service records that are fully integrated with the Networkfleet GPS fleet tracking and engine diagnostic monitoring system.


Fleet Management Systems for Government Agencies

Today’s government fleet managers must deal with shrinking budgets, government mandates regarding fleet size and utilization, and aggressive goals to reduce greenhouse emissions. Networkfleet provides the tools and data needed for busy fleet managers to understand and effectively manage the many aspects of their fleet’s performance.

Lower Greenhouse Emissions

Use Networkfleet reports about speeding, idle time, and unauthorized vehicle use to help reduce greenhouse gas production. Continuously monitor emissions to keep vehicles in compliance and help achieve emission reduction targets.

Save Time and Money

Use information from vehicle diagnostic reports to create proactive maintenance plans which will help control repair costs and reduce downtime, while helping to improve service to constituents and driver safety.

Achieve Fleet Efficiency Goals

Networkfleet’s powerful GPS fleet tracking, reporting and alert capabilities help you produce fleet-wide reductions in costs while meeting fleet size and vehicle utilization mandates. 3D mapping technologies and built-in Garmin integration help supervisors and drivers manage workloads and improve routing.

GPS Truck Tracking for Transportation and Distribution

Managing a successful transportation business demands an efficient, well-maintained fleet that gets passengers and cargo to their destinations on time, every time. Verizon Networkfleet’s GPS tracking system gives you the fleet management tools you need to improve customer service and stay one step ahead of your competition.

Get Repeat Business

Satisfied passengers and customers will recommend your business to friends and associates. Use GPS location tracking and fleet maps with user-defined landmarks to route the nearest available vehicles for faster response times.

Increase Safety

Use speeding alerts and other fleet management tools to monitor driver behavior. Vehicle diagnostic reports and roadside assistance at no extra cost increase driver, passenger, and cargo safety.

Improve Fleet Efficiency

Help reduce costs and improve fleet performance with the Drive Time Summary, which includes daily and weekly fleet statistics, total mileage, maximum recorded speed, number of stops, and distance traveled.


Fleet GPS Tracking for Utility Vehicles

Utility companies must strike a delicate balance between providing superior customer service and holding the line on fleet operational expenses. Verizon Networkfleet provides the data needed to understand fleet performance and the tools needed to improve it.

Track Vehicles, Route Responsively

Use Networkfleet’s GPS tracking to know the location of every truck, even in remote areas. 3D mapping technologies and built-in Garmin integration lets you track drivers and communicate directly with them to respond to events or to route the nearest vehicle to an address. Esri® ArcGIS® GeoEvent Processor and Assetworks significantly enhance mapping capabilities.

Improve Fleet Performance

Track and analyze every aspect of your fleet’s performance – including total miles driven, average vehicle idle times and MPG – to identify opportunities for improving fleet efficiencies. Use speeding alerts, idle time reports, integrated fuel cards and other fleet management tools to monitor driver behavior and promote improved performance and productivity.

Control Repair Costs and Reduce Downtime

Networkfleet’s onboard vehicle health diagnostics put you in control by monitoring and measuring a wide range of engine functions. Engine diagnostic trouble code and preventive maintenance alerts help to reduce breakdowns, control repair costs, and keep your trucks on the road.

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