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Atlanta Coverage Map (PDV Wireless)

Atlanta Two-way Radio Coverage

We have worked with pdvWireless to build a state-of-the-art digital radio system in the Atlanta area. Our customers are looking for an easy to use, affordable communication solution for their business. They are looking to eliminate common business telecommunication problems, such as long call set-up times, telephone tag and voicemail backlogs, through our new revolutionary private enterprise, push-to-talk network.

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South Carolina Radio Systems

We are an EXCLUSIVE dealer for Charleston Wireless Group, a locally owned and managed company. The company has an UHF Passport Network and 800 MHz Systems to cover your wireless communication needs in South Carolina and North Carolina regions. Utilizing this system offers consistent, reliable and wide area communication with greater efficiency, group and/or private channels, unlimited airtime and GPS tracking. 

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800 MHz
The systems each utilize Motorola's 800 MHz technology to ensure the crisp and clear communications you have come to expect from Motorola.

UHF Passport Network trunking
Charleston Wireless has been a leader in deployment of UHF Passport Network Trunking systems to serve your coverage needs of today, and of tomorrow.

The Motorola • LTR® series radio system gives you the power that you have come to expect out of a radio system. The exclusive LS Quality Seal™ tells you that your radio system is dependable Motorola, extremely durable & very rugged, built to take the abuse of today’s business needs. Don’t settle for any less than Motorola. Our new UHF LTR ® systems are the communications for the future. With complete FCC narrow band compliancy and quality Motorola Radios we will take you into the next millennium. Efficient and cost-effective, UHF Trunking gives you fast channel access, privacy, and private talkgroup capability – which means your radios can accommodate virtually all your business communication needs for today and tomorrow.

Wide Area Coverage UHF Radio Systems!

Charleston Wireless utilizes Passport technology to link sites to form the largest contiguous, wide-area network of its kind in the region for businesses to use. And, our wide-area network is getting wider all the time. Among the biggest and most obvious advantages: virtually seamless and continuous communication as your units or crews transition from one coverage region to the next.

Other Advantages Include:

  • Low Cost Dispatch!
  • Flat Rate Airtime Pricing!
  • Group Calling
  • Private Channels
  • Fast Access
  • More Economical than Cellular or "integrated systems"

Unlimited Airtime
With Motorola trunked radios, you don't pay by the minute for your staff to talk to each other. Instead you get Unlimited Airtime each month for only the coverage you need. Why pay for nationwide service when you only need local service? No phone numbers to dial, just press to talk and you are instantly in contact with your entire staff, and it's private. You don't hear other company's conversations and they can't hear yours.

Your business incurs several monthly over-head costs (payroll, rent, utilities, taxes) that are difficult, if not impossible to reduce. With Motorola trunked radios you can take control of your airtime expenses and reduce your cellular bills immediately and permanently. Every month you know exactly how much you are spending without the worry of per minute billing.

Monthly Airtime 
The monthly airtime rates are as low as $14.00 per month per unit (price depends upon coverage and number of units). This monthly charge is for unlimited use per radio. Unlike cellular and some other systems, we do not round up to the next minute or care how much you talk. Use it as much as you like! As you can see, this is extremely competitive with cellular service. Especially when you consider that if they were cellular phones, you would have to pay twice for each call. (Once on the calling phone and once on the phone being call.) In addition cellular would be typically rounding up a 1 minute and 1 second call to a 2 minute charge.

Florida Panhandle and South Georgia Radio Systems

Please click here to learn more about our Florida Panhandle and South Georgia radio systems.

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