Watson Consoles

Mobile Communications of Gwinnett installed the Synergy 2™ Center Lift Consoles.  Read what the Communications Manager has to say about Watson Consoles.

"It is hard to find a product that an entire staff will appreciate, but everyone really likes the Watson furniture. . .  compared to the other vendors we researched, Watson holds up the best." - Angie Conley, 911 Communications Manager.  According to Conley, 911 Communications Manager.

According to Conley, "Anything you can do to improve the comfort and morale of the users will translate into their performance.'  The Gwinnett team appreciates being able to raise the consoles to a standing work height as well as the individual control over the heating, airflow and task-lighting that Watson's Total Comfort System™ provides.

The Gwinnett County 9-1-1 Center as 43 Synergy 2™ Center Lift Consoles, the Total Comfort System environmental controls, LED and fluorescent task lights, and storage pedestals.

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